Who we are

We are company specialized in Audit, Anti-fraud and Business Security, formed by of people driven by passion and dedication. With our services, we help and protect Italian and foreign Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, assisting them in the prevention against frauds in the insurance field.


We provide transversal solutions for any need linked to security and company protection for our clients. Our goal is to generate client’s saving with a positive cost-benefit ratio, pursued through strong intelligence and operational skills. Our main purpose is to offer our clients tangible results, to protect their reputation and grow their image!

Vision & Strategy

To be the point of reference for our Clients and to guarantee a valid strategic and operational support in the protection of company assets. Look over is our motto.



Our authentic approach towards the Stakeholders is based on fair and consistent behavior in a competitive environment, enhanced by our professionalism and corporate culture.


We have a strong commitment, because we do it with the heart. The engine of our work is driven by curiosity, strong interest and the desire to look further.


Our reality features maximum quality and continuous improvement combined with a lean and dynamic structure; that is what makes us exclusive in the market. We achieve our results thanks to our extraordinary and highly competent team.


We are aware of our means and we are sure of what we offer. We face the commitments made with determination and thanks to this approach we overcome any issue by transforming threats into opportunities.

Why choose Gesea

  • Fraud management activity
  • Tools for the best planning Fraud Auditing
  • Protection of company assets
  • Loss prevention for better mapping of business risks
  • Support the Anti-Fraud Division for the prevention against insurance frauds, through the identification and measurement of critical elements related to simulated claims or fraudulent exaggeration of the damage, determining the achievement of client’s saving and the opportunity to evaluate legal actions.

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