Corporate press – Coronavirus

Dear Madame/ Sir,

we are in an unpredictable historical moment that has never been experienced before, where the primary interest is related at personal health and loved ones.

Gesea follows with the big attention the evolution of cases of contagion from COVID-19 (new Coronavirus), scrupulously following the provisions and recommendations provided by the Government and the Health Authorities.

In this context where, unfortunately, many Companies have had to stop their natural activity, Gesea is pleased to communicate that It regularly continues its mission aimed at Clients maintaining the highest standards of productivity and quality that have always characterized It.

Prevention and safety measures have been further strengthened to protect the health of its Collaborators, Clients and Suppliers, thus guaranteeing continuity of services.

The Company staff is fully involved in the operational activities in the different ways of working for which Gesea is organized, preferring smart working, and guaranteeing work and efficiency for Clients and Partners.

We have to look to the future with confidence by opening the doors to the new and stimulating challenges that await us.

All united, together, we will do it!

With our best wishes

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