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Code of ethics

The Code of ethics, document which describes and summarizes the Values of an organization and the ways how to apply them, is one of the tools that enhance the commitment of social responsibility of a Company. The implementation of the code of ethics derives from a path of internal considerations about the Mission and the Values of Gesea Solution Group®, reviewing the impact of its own activities and relationships with its stakeholders in terms of social responsibility.

The recipients of the Code of ethics
The recipients of the Code of ethics are all the ones influenced directly or indirectly, by the activity of Gesea Solution Group®. Executives, Employees and Consultants are among the ones who, for various reasons and regardless of the legal relationship, give their work and ensure, professionally and with commitment, the achievement of the Mission of the Company.
Clients: they are companies, groups and all the ones who benefit of the services of Gesea Solution Group® and vice versa, in order to satisfy the financial and security needs.
Suppliers: all the trading partners that contribute, directly and indirectly, to the process of service delivery of Gesea Solution Group®, through the supply of goods, services and resources.
Civil Community: public institutions, universities, entities and organizations with whom the Company works actively.

Integrity, transparency and principles of behavior/conduct
The Business management with the employees, clients, suppliers and all third parties is based on relationships of fairness, loyalty and equity and respects the principles of autonomy and transparency in the achievement of the goal.
For this reason Gesea Solution Group® interacts with clients in a transparent manner, avoiding to create wrong expectations and respecting the commitments taken. The Company commits itself in achieving a commercial communication, especially for what concerns the aimed services and the contractual relations in all distribution channels in use. The Company has adopted a governance system for the management of its own business activity, characterized by the care to the valorization of investments and the responsible use of capital assets to ensure its financial and capital strength.

Compliance with the laws and antitrust law.
It’s Company policy to obey the laws of each country and to honor the obligations toward the civil society to become an economic, intellectual and social asset in each place and circumstance where the Company happens to operate.
Gesea Solution Group® follows its activities in national and international territories.
The antitrust law concerns the business with clients, suppliers and competitors; whoever is interested in this issue must be informed by this law.
Any activity that may be considered restriction of the trade, unlawful practice of the business, price cartel, illegal competitive behavior is considered as violation of the law and is strictly prohibited by Gesea Solution Group®.
All personnel must comply fully and in good faith to antitrust law, especially the one involved in Legal and Administrative division.
In case there would be any kind of minimal doubt or cases about the legality of certain antitrust situations, it must be reported immediately to the General Direction of the Company.

Set-up and enhancement of reputation
Gesea Solution Group® commits itself to develop its reputation through the pursuing of a distinctive and excellent Business model, respecting its roots and addressed to the future, fit for new and continuous market challenges.

Gesea Solution Group®, wishing to ensure the best response to the question of social security, considers essential the through understanding of the needs and expectations of customers taking into account the trends and changes in the market and of the society to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.
In order to guarantee the best answers to the security’s social demand, Gesea Solution Group® retains essential to have deep knowledge of the client’s expectations, considering also the evolutions of the market and of the Society to ensure a mutual profitable relationship.

Questionable payments, corporate gifts and contributions
Gesea Solution Group® avails of a reputation of integrity and aims to keep enhancing its standards.
For this purpose it's forbidden to pay or receive money, rebates, grants, gifts of high value, funds or anything that may be considered illegal, unethical or compromising.
For no reason gifts of high-value must be made to the Company’s employees with which the company has business relationships.
No grants that may be considered illegal to political parties or candidates to political offices must be given.
The employees of the Company will not accept expensive gifts (except nominal value gifts) from suppliers, clients and any other person involved in the Company’s business.
Both the suppliers and the employees will be informed about this policy yearly.

Relations with the employees and working conditions
Gesea Solution Group® places respect and trust as key points of the interaction and relation among its employees and consultants.
They all represent the greatest resource of Gesea Solution Group®.
It’s company policy to treat employees equally and recruit them according to their qualifications, without regard to their race, color, religion, nationality, sex, age or physical disability, encouraging equal opportunities. In addition, the Company defines clearly what are the roles and responsibilities of each one, in order to promote a Company organization based on the definition of performance objectives and assessment known, shared and measurable.
Gesea Solution Group® aims to promote a work environment oriented on the valorization of competencies and expression of abilities, encouraging everyone’s creativity, energy and efforts. The Company awards the credit, recognizes the value of the skills and the commitment at work of its employees, being aware that those characteristics contribute to the Company’s growth over the time.
The Company will ensure a neat, healthy and safe environment to its employees, promoting the culture of risk and security prevention through information about responsible behavior and awareness actions.

Property Protection
Each employee will protect and will behave as Gesea Solution Group® was his own property. The property includes both the material activity (building, equipment, furnishings, inventory), and the not tangible ones (rights, patents, technologies, etc.).
To this last category belong confidential information, which of course must not be disclosed.

Purchases must be made to the best Company’s interest and without favoritism toward suppliers. Transparent and professional relations with its suppliers is promoted.
Gesea Solution Group® selects its business partners through objective and documented procedures; the prices paid for supplies and services must be negotiated on a fair and competitive base, while trying to get the maximum benefit for each purchase.
The choice of suppliers not only responds to costs matter, but keeps special attention for the quality of the service, the prevention of conflicts of interests and compliance to the assessment criteria for the promotion of social and environmental responsibility in the supply chain.
It is imperative that relationships with suppliers are conducted with trust and integrity, so that each part fulfills its obligations.
The management of contracts is based on fairness and on prevention of all forms of abuse.

Conflict of interests
All managers and employees have the obligation to refrain from any personal position or situation of advantage while representing the company in business to avoid the occurrence of potential or real conflict of interests.
All employees who have relationships with suppliers, clients and all parties involved in business, will conduct the negotiations considering that the interest of the Company is of primary importance and using diligently the Company’s resources.
No employee of the Gesea Solution Group® will have personal interests, contacts or agreements with the suppliers, clients o other parties who could influence the decisions related to the Company’s business.
Family members of the employees cannot receive payments, commissions or gift from persons or organizations with whom Gesea Solution Group® has business relationships.