'Changes represent great opportunities, but only for who is able to react promptly and in a flexible way'.

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Values and Mood

Seven core values are at the basis of the Company’s philosophy of Gesea Solution Group®. Through them the Company has chosen a Mood of great expressive power and immediate intelligibility, which accompanies the entire visual communication of the Company.

The theme is about extreme sports, which require extreme difficulty, as it implies a challenge to the laws of Nature and an enormous physical effort by the athlete. A different “extreme” sport has been given to each above mentioned Value, in which the motto is the “Risk”.

It is about the same “Risk” that Gesea Solution Group® aims to reduce while conducting its business with the clients, so to give the same benefit corresponding to a higher level of business “Security”.

The key Values expressed in the corporate culture of Gesea Solution Group® are not only strategic, but are part of the background of the Company, as they are spread among all members of the Company, thus leading to certain behaviors and results. The Values are: Knowledge, Balance, Flexibility, Innovation, Performance, Teamwork and Reliability.

Knowledge understood as the operation field, having experience in the dynamics of work, of the tools, challenges and potentialities with which it measures daily, gives to Gesea Solution Group® the edge to establish itself successfully in the insurance market.

To operate successfully, Gesea Solution Group® can count on a fundamental ethical dowry, Balance.

The Flexibility of Gesea Solution Group® is visible in the ability to maintain high the quality standards in all units, whether it is about Risk & Security Management®, Management Consulting, Publishing or Training. Not only: Flexibility is also dynamism and widespread presence thanks to an international network of primary importance.

The continuous update of the employees, technologies, tools and working methods, together with the constant Innovation, represents a key element for the distinction of the Company from the competitors.

One of the main objectives of Gesea Solution Group® is to provide with high-value services, whose Performances reach always higher levels of satisfaction over the years.

The results obtained by Gesea Solution Group® is the fruit of the managerial activity and its Teamwork: all employees have absorbed the Company’s culture and work daily for the growth of the individual and the team.

The consideration that holds Gesea Solution Group®, acknowledged by important references, is the proof of its Reliability: in spite of that, the Company constantly strives to overcome and improve its achievements.