'Changes represent great opportunities, but only for who is able to react promptly and in a flexible way'.

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Gesea Academy

It’s a new venture created by Gesea Solution Group®, oriented to the Staff training in order to increase the know-how of the individual enterprise resources.

Following the philosophy of the Learning Organization, Gesea Solution Group® aims to transform the individual learning into organization and group learning.

Gesea Academy® has established with the Faculty of Economy of the “Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli” conventions of internships n.484 of the 27.10.2010 and apprenticeships n.1223 of the 19.11.2010 where final year students and newly graduated will be able to perform an internship or an apprenticeship at Gesea Solution Group®.

The intern will be followed throughout his stage by a tutor, a Manager of the area of interest, who is also the one who performs and shares the final evaluation with the trainee about his experience and skills acquired.