'Changes represent great opportunities, but only for who is able to react promptly and in a flexible way'.

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Gesea Solution Group focus itself on its image and on the preservation of the Brand. For this reason the Company has decided to divide its business lines into different logotypes for each activity and for each operative mean of the organization.

All brands express the personality of Gesea Solution Group, distinguishing it from the Competitors and letting it gain a strong Brand Awareness.

Furthermore, each Brand is registered at the UIBM 'Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi' (Italian institution of Patents and Trademarks) of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The logo of the group Gesea Solution Group appears in all the documentation, in internal and external communication, both digital and in paper company. Its colors, violet and grey, have become the social colors of the organization; from them it's possible to spot some of the core Values of the Gesea Solution Group: violet refers to ideas such as intelligence, knowledge, moderation and intuitive capabilities; it comes from the mix of red and blue, and it's the color of metamorphosis, that is flexibility, dynamism, adaptability. Grey is symbol of elegance and neutrality. This last concept is interpreted as professionalism and reliability, as being neutral is equivalent to being impartial, so reliable in a very long time. The fonts chosen express freshness, innovation, grace and elegance. The size of the initials refers to the concept of Leadership, achieved by the Company thanks to the work of a valid team of employees and collaborators, whose work keeps the performances of Gesea Solution Group always at the highest levels of quality.

The Pay-Off, 'Conosce il tuo mondo' (Know your world), reported on the Corporate Image of Gesea Solution Group, is a guarantee of safety and security to Clients. Gesea Solution Group knows the insurance world in which its Clients operate, knows the Risks and the dynamics. It owns the tools to transfer its knowledge to the Companies that will turn, through consulting, manuals and training, with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

While maintaining a common line, the Logos of line, divided by color and descriptive part, identify and distinguish the fields of action of Gesea Solution Group, which conducts its activities in the area of Security Company, Antifraud Insurance, Risk Management, Publishing and Training.

The colors chosen for the line RISK & SECURITY MANAGEMENT are blue and light blue. The color blue, apart from being the color of communication, is also the color of water, natural element which gives sense of reliability thanks to its transparency and that gives solidity and security. The visual perception of blue and light blue bring to calm and peacefulness, feelings that the Gesea Solution Group, thanks to the professionalism of a team carefully recruited and a meticulous attention to customer, can turn into a plus that allows constant growth and succeed.

The colors used for the line E-PUBLISHING INFRASTRUCTURE are instead green and blue. Green is the color of creativity, stability, security desire and continuity, integrity and efficiency in the working area. It has been linked to the E-PUBLISHING line as the Company aims to transfer its know-how and its professional background rich of success and experience through digital and paper publications.

Regarding the line ENTERPRISE TRAINING MANAGEMENT, the colors chosen are blue and red. Red is the color of blood, passion, vital impulses and of the action. It's the color of competition, enthusiasm, prestige, leadership, strength and executive power. Red adapts itself perfectly to the personality of Gesea Solution Group and, together with the ENTERPRISE TRAINING MANAGEMENT, the line of Training, it will communicate to those who will interface with the Company, that strength and competitiveness which makes the Gesea Solution Group a very strong presence in the area of insurance consulting.

The Logo Globalray was created to identify an international Network of Partners, Consultants and Collaborators with whom Gesea Solution Group is in constant contact, through which it carries out its activities accurately and in a flawless way. The name 'Globalray' has come after an in-depth phase for the choice that represented as much as possible the strategic function of the Network. A red band surrounding a black stylized globe represents the widespread presence of Gesea Solution Group throughout the world.

The Logo Gematic refers to the homonymous management Software, patented by Gesea Solution Group. It is used by all members of the Company in order to streamline and optimize all back office activities, canalize the Company's operations on principles of quality and quantity, make the technical area more flexible, monitor the main indicators of the Staff performances, follow the Company's technical trends, provide statistical information and analytical reports, and enhance the quality of the services. The Logo is represented by a filled black circle in the middle of which stands out a stylized grey color letter 'g' which recalls the @ symbol used for the electronic mails.

InConsulting & Partners works mainly in the field of automobile liability insurance upon request from the Centre of Liquidated Damages Group within the regional perimeter of its Headquarters. The colors chosen are orange and grey. The first is symbol of happiness and satisfaction for the success achieved, while the second one represents an objective and a balanced attitude. The circumference enclosing 'in' aims to communicate the desire of perfection, completeness, accuracy in the activities performed, which are the main values that the Company intends to offer to its clients.

The brand represents the venture of the Company to organize the internal training of staff in order to improve their personal know how. The Logo is divided into two parts: the upper part represents a stylized ancient Greek temple formed by an isosceles triangle with a large base, while right below there is a horizontal blue rectangle. Below the latter there are six equally spaced vertical grey rectangles. The bottom part is composed by the logotype Gesea Academy.



The Logo 'gesea NO PROFIT' is the identification of the social initiatives of Gesea Solution Group. Regarding this the Company aims to support a series of charity projects in cooperation with humanitarian organizations. The Logo features pastel colors (blue, green, orange) so to reflect the closeness and the aid intended to provide to unhappy children living in different countries of the world.