'Changes represent great opportunities, but only for who is able to react promptly and in a flexible way'.

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There are many activities performed by Gesea Solution Group® within its work context.
Its core business is expressed in the activity of Risk & Security Management, whose proposal is to:

  • Provide the necessary tools for the best planning of the Fraud Auditing
  • Develop the tools for the Prevention of the corporate fraud
  • Develop adequate identification systems which protect the Company’s assets
  • Provide adequate advice for the best Loss Prevention and for the best mapping of the Business risks.

Guide Services
The fields of action where Gesea Solution Group® works the most are:

  • Automobile liability insurance
  • Theft vehicles insurance
  • Marine & Transports
  • Life, Accident and health insurance
  • Fire and theft insurance
  • Debt collection
  • Fraud Auditing

Gesea Solution Group® is able to develop ad hoc solutions based on specific customer needs.