'Changes represent great opportunities, but only for who is able to react promptly and in a flexible way'.

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Gesea Solution Group® is a well-established Company which expresses its core business in the Audit, Risk & Security Management, as well as all that concerns prevention and safety in the insurance field.


Gesea Solution Group® focus itself on its image and on the preservation of the brand. For this reason the Company decided to divide its business lines into different logotypes for each activity and for each operative mean of the organization.


Gesea Solution Group® has designed and implemented a very efficient tool, called Globalray®, which is an international Network that enables the global coverage of its activities internationally.

Values and mood

Seven core values are at the basis of the Company’s philosophy of Gesea Solution Group®. Through them the company has chosen a Mood of great expressive power and immediate intelligibility, which accompanies the entire visual communication of the Company.

Gesea Acedemy

It's a new venture created by Gesea Solution Group®, oriented to the Staff's training in order to increase the knowhow of the individual resources who work for the Company.

Gesea and the solidarity

Gesea Solution Group® has always considered essential to witness its commitment to civil society with far-reaching actions of solidarity.

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